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Password Cracker Software

It is often referred as the password recovery tool which can be used to recover the original password or bypassing the encryption, The most common method used in the password cracking is repeatedly make guesses for the probable password and perhaps finally hitting on the correct one.If passwords are long the user might forget it these password recovery tools are often used by hackers to crack the password and access the system and manipulate it.

Here are some popular password cracking tools

It is a free password cracker softwares which is based on the effective implementations of the rainbow table. It runs on a number of Operating Systems like Mac OS X, Unix/Linux and Windows Operating Systems. It is equipped with real-time graph for analyzing the passwords and is an open source software. Ophcrack has the capability to crack both NTLM hashes as well as LM hash.


Medusa is one of the best online brute-force, speedy, parallel passwords crackers which is available on the Internet. It has been designed by the members of the website foofus.net. It is also widely used in Penetration testing to ensure that the vulnerability of the system can be exposed and appropriate security measures can be taken against hacking.


Rainbow Crack as the name suggest, is a cracker for hashes with the Rainbow Tables. It runs on multiple operating systems such as Linux, Windows Vista, Windows XP (Windows Operating Systems). It supports both Graphical User Interface as well as Command line Interface. It’s software which is used for password cracking by generating rainbow tables, fuzzing all the parameters.


Wfuzz is a flexible tool for brute forcing Internet based applications. It supports many features like Multithreading, Header brute forcing, Recursion when discovering directories, Cookies, Proxy Support, hiding results and encoding the URLs to name a few. Wfuzz is a useful tool for finding unlinked resources like scripts, directories and servlets as well.


Brutus is one of the most flexible and free password crackers which operates remotely. It is popular also because of its high speed and operates under operating systems such as Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows 9x. Currently it does not operate under the UNIX operating system. Brutus was initially designed to check network devices like routers for common as well as default passwords.


L0phtCrack which is now known as L0phtCrack6, is a tool which tests the strength of a password given, as well as to recover lost passwords on Microsoft Windows platform. Thus it is a tool for both password recovery as well as auditing the passwords. It uses techniques such as Rainbow tables, brute-force and dictionary to recover password.


Fgdump is a powerful cracking tool. In fact, it’s much more powerful than pwdump6 as the latter has the tendency to hang whenever there is a presence of an antivirus. Fgdump has the capability to handle this problem of hanging by shutting down first. It later restarts the Antivirus software. It supports multi threading which is very relevant in the multitasking and multi-user environment.

THC Hydra

Every password security study has revealed that the biggest security weaknesses are the passwords. THC Hydra is a tool for cracking logins and it is flexible as it supports various protocols. It is very fast and at the same time, new modules can be easily added. Hydra can run on operating systems like Solaris 11, OSX, Windows and Linux.

John The Ripper

John the Rippers is a free software for password cracking which was originally designed for the Unix Operating Systems. At present, it can run on 15 Operating systems which includes 11 different versions of UNIX, Win32, DOS and BeOS. It has the capability to combine several passwords crackers into a single packages which has made it one of the most popular cracking tools for hackers.


It is a network software suite used in 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networks. It consists of tools such as a packet sniffer, detector and a WEP. This tool runs on both Windows and Linux Operating systems. It can work with any type of wireless network interface controller, provided the driver is supporting the raw monitoring mode.

Cain And Abel

Cain and Abel, often referred to as Cain, is a tool for recovering the password in the Windows platform. It has the capability to recover various kinds of passwords using techniques such as cracking the password hashes by using brute-forcing, dictionary attacks, cryptanalysis attacks and packet sniffing in the networks.


The objective of this security tools is to locate the valid user identities in a Virtual Public Network along with the secret key combination. Once this is accomplished, this information can be used easily by a hackers to have access to a VPN in an unauthorized manner.
Wireless Hacking Tools

These are the tools which are used to hack into a wireless network which is more vulnerable to the security threats.We must also ensure that the network is completely secure by protecting it from the malware.

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