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Steps to fix this problem:

Open command prompt

run Final command_5

Oracle VM Instalation directory_1:

example -> C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox


internalcommands sethdparentuuid

Snapshot location_3: (copy from error window)

example -> C:\Users\user1\VirtualBox VMs\Linux_18.04\Snapshots/{f11cdaf4-92e3-407e-ab6d-6e4786ee10a4}.vhd

UUID of the parent disk_4: (copy from error window)

example -> {eaa88725-f284-4e01-aa55-0f7371d35464}

Final command_5: (in command prompt)

VBoxManage.exe Commands_2 "Snapshot location_3" UUID of the parent disk_4

example -> VBoxManage.exe internalcommands sethdparentuuid "C:\Users\user1\VirtualBox VMs\Linux_18.04\Snapshots/{f11cdaf4-92e3-407e-ab6d-6e4786ee10a4}.vhd" {eaa88725-f284-4e01-aa55-0f7371d35464}

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