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What is strace ?

strace traces all system calls issued by a program along with their return codes. Think things such as file/socket operations and a lot more obscure ones.

It is most useful if you have some working knowledge of C since here system calls would more accurately stand for standard C library calls.

Let's say your program is /usr/local/bin/cough. Simply use:

strace /usr/local/bin/cough <any required argument for cough here>


strace -o <out_file> /usr/local/bin/cough <any required argument for cough here>

to write into 'out_file'.

All strace output will go to stderr (beware, the sheer volume of it often asks for a redirection to a file). In the simplest cases, your program will abort with an error and you'll be able to see what where its last interactions with the OS in strace output.

how to run any programme using strace?

As described above use below line to run shell:

strace -o temp /bin/sh

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